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What to Prepare for Your Cat

Updated: Aug 20

Litter Related

Cat Litter

Litter box

Food & Drink

Kitten food - Kittens should have access to dry food at all times and be kept on a solid kitten food diet until reaching the age of 8 to 12 months old. Also, canned wet food is given to the cat at least once a day in addition to accessible dry food at all times. We feed The brand Purina Pro Plan Focus to most of our cats. We give them the Kitten formula in chicken flavor only. We also feed them freeze-dried food as their treats. Note: We have some cats that become allergic to Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten dry food after its formula gets updated, so we started feeding those cats Orijen Cat & Kitten dry food instead.

Cat drinking fountain - The drinking foundation helps encourage the cat to drink more water because it’s moving freshwater. Please also provide your kitten filter water to drink. For example,


Cat grooming combs - helps monitor and maintain your cat's health effectively by grooming them daily, it also helps prevent them from eating too much of their own hair. For example,

Cat grooming wipes & waterless shampoo - Cats hate water. Clean your cat without using water so that they won't fight against you during the bath. For example,

Cat Oral Care

Scratchers & Toys

Scratching post -Cats have an urge to scratch, so providing a piece of scratching board can save your furniture from massive destruction. For example,

Toys - Give your pet some toys to play with in order to build your relationship. For example,


Cat tree - It provides a cat with more space for scratching, more seats, and higher space. For example,

For more modern style cat furniture, please check or


Probiotic - Natural supplement for reestablishing intestinal health with live microorganisms.

Carrier - This is used to carry your pet to the vet or in the flights. For example,

Pet Scale


1. Above is just what we recommend. However, you can always choose any brand or style of products you want.

2. To buy cat collars & bow tie, please visit Use coupon code marshmallow to get 15% off for everything.

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