Available Kittens

At this time we do NOT have any available kittens. Please check below to see our breeding plans!

Note: Once we have fulfilled our waitlist of year 2021, we will no longer be keeping a waitlist for our kittens. When our kittens become available, we will be posting them on our FACEBOOK PAGE and INSTAGRAM PAGE. Thank you!

Lucas X Patience

Kittens will be Seal Bicolor & Seal Lynx Bicolor

Patience has given birth to two babies on January 16th. One boy and one girl. Please contact us if interested.


Manolo X Aurora

All kittens will be Blue Bicolor

Aurora has been confirmed pregnant! She will be due around February 5th, 2022.


Manolo X Rosie

Kittens will be Blue Lynx Bicolor or Blue Lynx Mitted

Rosie has been confirmed pregnant. She will be due in February.


Manolo X Venus

Kittens will be Blue Bicolor & Blue Lynx Bicolor

Waiting to confirm pregnancy


Manolo X Victoria

Kittens will be Blue or Seal Bicolor with or without Lynx

Plan for January, 2022